About us

About us

Topic of our principal activities are:

Canada PowerTech Inc. was established as a General Contractor (GC) of industrial solutions for solar, wind & small hydro power plants, supply of industrial electrical machines and all their components, and also supply of rail industries equipment and parts in early 2004.

1-We Develop, Invest, Construct and Operate renewable energy assets from Hydro Power Plants to Solar Parks. Thanks to our capable and professional team, CPT has acquired dozens of renewable energy developing experiences in the last decade. We have an efficient and detailed approach to the projects from development, site screening, and supplier utilization to design, construction, and management of renewables. We carry out all technical, financial, and management aspects in-house, so we are involved in every stage, from greenfield development to operations and maintenance.

2-We offer a broad portfolio of traction machines for diesel/electric locomotives, EMU trains, etc. We focus on Traction Motors, Traction Alternators, Auxiliary Generators, Diesel Engines and Turbochargers for rolling stock. We also supply a wide range of spare parts for Diesel-Electric locomotives also We supply spare parts for Locomotives. Our area of expertise covers Traction Motor, Engine, Alternator, and Turbo Charger complete assembly, and most of the OEM equal spare parts.

3-    CPT is a company with three decades of experience in the manufacture of all types of electric machines. Relying on specialized and trained personnel and due to its good history and strategic position, the company is able to offer a wide range of types of electric motors and industrial generators used in various industries, including mining and metals, oil, gas and petrochemical, water electricity and cement industry. The Manufacturer of explosion-proof electric motors and obtaining ATEX international certification, the Manufacturer of traction motors and magnetic brakes for the oil and gas drilling industry.

Vision & Mission

– Providing Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction and Management services through skilled human resources.

– Continues improvement in quality of our services to meet clients’ requirement and satisfaction.

– Thinking globally by upholding partnerships and new technologies.

We are committed to transition towards sustainable energy, and are strongly passionate to be a part of the future of energy shaping with a long-term investment philosophy.

 Strategy: change the globe to be a better place to live

– To bring up quality of services by observing latest and most authentic technical standards and design criterions.

– Commitment to offer services of top quality to our customers.

– Sharing our knowledge with customers in order to bringing forth a win-win relation.

– Exploring opportunities through strategic joint ventures, particularly where it could be leading to sustainable development pf our globe.