About us

Our Company: Canada Power Tech Inc. was established as one of the leading General Contractor (GC) of industrial solutions for power plants, oil and gas projects, electrical machines repair & rehabilitation. Our principal activities include following items as a briefly presentation:

1-Design, procurement, construction, commissioning (EPC) of industrial plants Such as steam, gas, combined cycle and hydroelectric power plants, Oil, gas and petrochemical plants, steel Industries, cement industries, sugar industries and mining. We have appropriate technical knowledge in various fields of Industries. Therefore, we have the potentiality to undertake enterprises involving Steel industries, installation of tanks, pipe lines, commissioning of mechanical devices, Power transmission lines, Control and Automation, instrumentation, and electric equipment.

2-    Rehabilitation of high voltage, high power AC/DC electrical machinery and manufacturing of all related parts. The cornerstone to the technical knowledge in the department of electrical machineries is technical knowledge, electrical machinery engineering and mechanical engineering. Our goal is to serve our customers to meet their technical requirements.

3-    Providing technical services to rail industry. CPT continually evolves its services offering which now includes  Manufacture railway Traction motors, Generators, Diesel Engines, Turbochargers and Traction Convertor

4-    CPT is a company with three decades of experience in the manufacture of all types of electric machines. Relying on specialized and trained personnel and due to its good history and strategic position, the company is able to offer a wide range of types of electric motors and industrial generators used in various industries, including mines and metals, oil, gas and petrochemical, water industry. And electricity and cement industry. The construction of explosion-proof electric motors and obtaining ATEX international certification, the construction of traction motors and magnetic brakes for the oil and gas drilling industry for the first time in Iran and the construction of the largest electric motor in Iran with an approximate weight of 130 tons are just some of CPT’s honors.