Traction Motor

CPT supplies new and remanufactured both AC & DC rail traction motors as well as delivers a full range services for them. Also, we supply the replacement parts for EMD & GE locomotives traction motors.CPT supports and services the following models of traction motors:

EMD: D77, D78, D87, D47, D43, A2916, …

GE: 752,761, GEB13, GEB15, GEB22, …

DC Traction Motors

Application: Locomotives

Max. Power upto 750kW

Max. Voltage upto 750 V

Max. Current: 1150 A

Max. Speed: 3200 rpm

AC Traction Motors

Application: Locomotives

Power upto 800 kW

Voltage upto 1500 V

Current: 1200 A

Speed: 3000 rpm

AC Urban Traction Motors

Application: Metro Cars (EMU)

Rated Power upto 300kW

DC Link Voltage: 750 & 1500 VDC

Rated Current upto 350 A

Max. Speed upto 6000 rpm